go cavs!

Oh my god – what a great time to be a Cleveland sports fan! I have to get a way from food for a minute and stop to take this all in. Finally, the Cavs are heading to the finals. While this may not be a big deal to most people in other cities, if you live in Cleveland, this is a unreal. Every year Cleveland fans suffer from another disappointing season, regardless if it’s the Browns, Cavs or Indians. Every year we tell ourselves, “there’s always next year.” And we believe it, too. We settle for winning 6 football games a season because it’s an improvement from the previous season and at least we have football back. Every year, we settle and tell ourselves it’s OK. I had a friend once tell me he wasn’t going to raise his kid to be a Cleveland sports fan because it hurts too much. This all changed on Saturday night. Our city was in the spotlight and we did the unthinkable! fans of all ages and backgrounds came together. The city is alive and believes in the impossible. Thank you, Cavs. It’s been so fun to watch you and what a great opportunity you have given this city.