I’ve been to this Asian-fusion (I think it’s safe to call it that) spot in Tremont five times now, most recently for a late night bachelorette party on the patio. My husband and I first went there a few weeks after they opened. I kept hearing it was like a Cleveland Nobu so I couldn’t wait to see for myself (especially since I’m a huge Nobu fan). We sat at the bar and split sushi and several of the appetizers. Zach Bruell, owner and I believe executive chef, came over to check on us. He saw we were debating over ordering the calamari and talked us out of it. He said you can get that anywhere and since it was our first time, encourage us to try the Japanese shrimp and Udon noodles dishes instead (and are we happy we did). And to our surprise, he sent over the calamari on him. And every time we have been back, we have seen Zach and he has always stopped at our table to make sure everything is good and to see how we are doing. He doesn’t know us and we don’t know him – which makes it even cooler that he takes so much pride in his places and in his customers. Regardless of what I order, I always order at least one roll, usually rainbow or whatever is on special (once it was a lobster roll with this amazing sauce that I can’t remember but I hope to have again). Other things I’ve tried: scallop salad with scrambled eggs and truffle vinaigrette, scallops with butternut squash risotto, black cod with miso glaze (very similar to Nobu’s version)and the braised short ribs with creamy polenta. Everything was absolutely delicious. Between the consistently good food, beautiful decor and personal owner, this is another must-dine spot in Cleveland.

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  1. Anonymous
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    Unfortunately success has rendered onto Parallax the destiny as it does to all excellent fooderies that forget their humble origins- it has become a factory spewing forth overcooked, overspiced meals as fast as it can in order to keep up with the demand placed upon it by the investors to reap the profits as quickly as possible before the emperor is discovered to be more hype than substance. It still can give others a run for their money, but judging by the ‘adequacy’ of the meals last Saturday evening, it surely is all about the money. Even the American sushi chef failed when producing a dish that was served warm, and in portions so large one of my guest had to cut it up with a knife and eat it with a fork. Pleeease. Maybe someone should take a night off and sit where the customers do so that they may be able to rescue this here-to-for fine restaurant before its fate is sealed- Tremont can hardly afford to host another ‘art gallery’.