michael symon/ruhlman in feb. food & wine

The wave of positive national media coverage for many of Cleveland’s indie restaurants from last year is carrying over into this year, starting with a feature in this month’s Food & Wine: Super Bowl Blowout by Michael Ruhlman.

Ruhlman writes about our beloved Michael Symon and how he prepares for football’s big day (apparently he is known to throw quite the bash – with a very impressive spread to match). The article talks about Symon’s love of Cleveland football, Great Lakes beer, cooking with his “pap” and what will inevitably be on his menu, including Sriracha chicken wings, pork cheek and black-eyes pea chili and lump crab salsa.

It’s a well-written article with plenty of photography, recipes and insight into the Iron Chef. I even overlooked the few digs Ruhlman snuck in on the Browns, knowing this was written well in advance of the amazing season they had. We might not have made the playoffs (although we should have), but even the toughest critics agree it was a winning season and the big game isn’t too far off for us now.

Hey Michael – I like how you had a contest on your blog (which I lost) for a chance to win cooking lessons at Lolita. How about another one for the chance to win a coveted seat at your party? Or, you could just invite me, I’m free :)

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  1. rockandroller
    Posted January 10, 2008 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    Damn, I don’t even LIKE football and I want to go to that party :)