lucky’s cafe

On Sunday, we continued the ‘all the great restaurants outside of Solon’ tour with my parents. This time it was for breakfast at Lucky’s (in the past, it’s been Lolita, Momocho, Lola, Bar Cento and the introduction of Thai and sushi into their diet). Actually, to be fair, they do venture out much more now (even went to Lolita on their own). I like to think I’m responsible for a small part of that.

I just knew they would love this spot. My parents are constantly taking one-tank trips or venturing off someplace for a last-minute adventure. Lucky’s reminds me of the various breakfasts spots we would discover – and fall in love with – on vacations as a kid. I knew my mom would feel the same way, and she did.

We haven’t been to Lucky’s since November, so it’s been a few months. Wow, word has definitely spread about Heather Haviland’s amazing creations because the place was packed. Lucky for us we snagged a table right away, but the line was out the door – even when we left. Therefore, we literally just ate and left. In the past, I would like to enjoy my tea and read the paper. I think those days are gone – at least during peak hours.

For breakfast, Jamie and I split the veggie burrito (of course), while my parents shared the shipwreck omlet. We had two orders of the famous pecan-crusted bacon between the four of us and also opted to share the daily special of lemon crepes.
As usual, the burrito and bacon were deliciously satisfying. And my folks equally liked the shipwreck, although I think my dad liked our burrito a bit more. As for the lemon crepes stuffed with ricotta and homemade whipping cream – in a word, wow. Very enjoyable and not too sweet. The lemon flavor was intense, but not overbearing. Definitely a good dish to share with a group.
As for the next stop on the tour, my mom wants to try the burgers at Academy Tavern. Her friend told her they are “heaven.” I don’t know that I would use that word, but I do like that place and since I haven’t been there in ages, this is a good excuse to go back.


  1. Rosemarie
    Posted April 3, 2008 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    I finally got to try Lucky’s brunch on Saturday (after the gym) and we had the Shipwreck and the Lemon Crepes. It was all SO fabulous!! I usually just go before work for coffee and a scone. I’m glad I finally went on a weekend!

  2. mocmoc
    Posted April 4, 2008 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

    hi – i found you through a link on either or someone else’s blog (sorry, can’t remember exactly where) and thought i’d stop lurking and say hi! i was also at lucky’s on sunday morning around 10/10:30 with my hubby and baby. i think we sat near you – on the other side of the cream/sugar counter. the hubby ordered the lemon crepes and loved it! i got the vegetarian chili and cleaned my plate.

    love your blog!

  3. michelle v
    Posted April 4, 2008 at 6:26 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, we were sitting right in front of the creamer/sugar station, too funny! Weren’t the crepes awesome? I’ll have to try the chile next time. Thanks for the comment.