recipe: ginger wasabi slaw

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend cookouts, here’s another poetic recipe from Jimmy Sollisch.

Ginger Wasabi Slaw
There is nothing quite so humble as slaw.
It starts with the lowly cabbage
And even if it’s purple
It’s no radducio.
It’s what the Irish boil with corned beef.
It’s the backbone of Southern slaw,
Slathered next to corn and barbeque.
It’s a buck-fifty-nine a pound in the deli section
And a buck-and-a-half of that is for the mayo.

But add pickled ginger and some carrots
And mix with a reasonable amount of wasabi mayo,
(which is nothing more than mayo into which you’ve whisked some wasabi)
And you have something exotic:
Slaw hybrid, East meets West Slaw
Japan-abama Slaw
Call it Wasabi Slaw
Or Ginger Cabbage Salad
Slaw 2.0. Slaw, the next generation.
But whatever you call it,
This ain’t Aunt Mabel’s Cole Slaw.