2182 bistro

I was supposed to check out this Brecksville hot spot back in February with my girlfriends and our moms, but the weather had other plans. It has taken us this long to reschedule, but we did and finally made our way to 2182 Bistro – all 10 of us – last night for dinner.

I was probably the most excited to check out this tiny and somewhat hidden French bistro. I’ve heard wonderful things about this place, including from many readers of this blog.

The place itself, as previously mentioned, is a bit on the cozy side which also makes for a rather noisy evening. There was nothing about the overall decor that really stood out and impressed me, but in general it’s nice and simply decorated with a lot of what appears to be local art for sale displayed throughout the restaurant and bathroom.

For my meal, I started off with the soup du jour: smoked chicken tortilla soup. As for dinner, I went with the almond-crusted tilapia with white beans, capers and a citrus buerre blanc. My mom ordered the mushroom and leek linguine with tomatoes, goat cheese and pinenuts; we swapped halfway through.

Honestly speaking, I was a little disappointed. Based on previous chatter, I was anticipating a meal packed with a lot of wow. Instead, I felt my soup and fish were both good, but not great and definitely not enough to get me back to Brecksville anytime soon. The tomato-based soup was actually served a little cold and didn’t really pack any smoky flavor. And as for the fish, the beans mixed with the citrus buerre blanc were easily my favorite part. The fish itself, while cooked perfectly, just didn’t offer anything that really stood out.

When I traded my mom for the rest of her pasta, I wasn’t anticipating much, but was thankfully wrong. This pasta was fantastic – definitely packed with wonderful flavor and something I would gladly eat again. It wasn’t too rich and had the perfect balance of mushrooms, olive oil, goat cheese and pine nuts. A very enjoyable dish that I actually would have liked to have all to myself.

By this time I was pretty full, but everyone else opted for dessert. I did manage to try a bit of the chocolate mousse and strawberry bread pudding. Now those are two desserts that had the wow factor I was looking for all along – especially the warm bread pudding.
I will also say that I helped myself to several of my friend’s pomme frites with rosemary and parmesan and they were easily addicting. And while I didn’t try any, my other friend and her mom shared the mussel appetizer, which really looked good and left me wishing I opted for that instead of the soup.

Food aside, it was truly a wonderful night. I have been friends with these women for most of my life and through the years, our moms, which are all like our second moms, have also become close. It’s really something to be part of and to be constantly surrounded by such great women. Good times. Good times indeed.

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  1. Nancy Heller
    Posted June 5, 2008 at 11:55 am | Permalink

    Our one dinner at 2182 was very nice and we hope to get back there soon. I hope you decide to give them another try – it sounds like the pasta and dessert redeemed them a little for you!