dinner: impossible

Since being pregnant has turned me into a narcoleptic, I missed the premier of the new Dinner: Impossible on Sunday night at 11 p.m. and instead DVR’d it and watched it last night (ok, who am I kidding – I have never been able to stay up late…but being pregnant has made it worse).

In case you’ve been under a rock lately, the new series on The Food Network features Michael Symon as the new host – and he did not disappoint. For his depute, he found himself in New Jersey on the boardwalk and had to prepare an upscale boardwalk meal for 300 using only the ingredients found on site.

Highlights included the opening, Mike and crew on those bikes, and of course the food. Given what he had to work with, I’d say everything really looked tempting – especially the clambake (great presentation, too) ribs with blueberry sauce, frozen gazpacho concocted in a margarita machine (clever) and the lobster pizza. And of course, he has to fit a pig in somewhere and opted to go with the chocolate covered bacon.
Here’s what the Iron Chef had to say about the show on his blog:
“There is a lot of new things going on that I am very excited about. Doing DI has been a total blast. We filmed 10 shows in 5 weeks which will start showing regularly on August 20th. I’ll tell you what this show is no joke – it pushed me and my team to the absolute limit every time and was completely exhausting. But I loved every minute of it. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. It will be a little different than the old DI in the sense that were flying around like crazy people but having fun along the way. It is very similar to the way the restaurant kitchens are. We all work super hard and still have a lot of fun. I’ve never been a believer in a kitchen has to be like a boot camp to put out great food.”

The season starts on August 20.


  1. Alexa
    Posted July 22, 2008 at 8:55 am | Permalink

    it is way too early for me to be salivating over blueberry ribs, um yum.

  2. AdamX
    Posted July 23, 2008 at 4:05 pm | Permalink

    What a change from Robert Irvine!