Monday night was girls’ night out at Parallax with my closest friends. One of our childhood friends was in for a brief visit from San Diego so we decided to do what we do best – eat.

I was so happy when my friend suggested Parallax. I love this restaurant, both for the food and atmosphere. They consistently deliver a great meal with good service and this week was no exception.

My only complaint is that since the menu changes so often, especially the salads and appetizers, that many of my favorites are long gone, like the scallop salad with egg or the tomato and corn salad. Nothing to fret though, the warm goat cheese salad with endive, radicchio and grain mustard vinaigrette was a tasty replacement.

While several entrees caught my eye, I decided to split several orders of sushi with two of my friends, including the dragon and spider rolls, Philly, unavo and the specialty lobster roll. They also ordered several pieces of sashimi and other raw rolls, but I still have a few months before I until I can once again enjoy the good stuff.

Even though I couldn’t have what I really wanted, all the rolls I could eat were really, really enjoyable. My favorites were the dragon (tempura shrimp and avocado wrapped in eel), Philly (so simple but always a good choice) and unavo (eel and avacado with unagi sauce). Taste and presentation were spot on.

If you haven’t been to Parallax for sushi, or didn’t realize sushi was one of the house specialties, do yourself a favor and consider it for next time. Zack Bruell and his team really do a nice job with their sushi and sashimi offerings, perhaps some of the best and freshest in town.

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  1. Alexa
    Posted September 10, 2008 at 12:33 pm | Permalink

    the spicy tuna there is like butter. yeah, people don’t realize how good the sushi is there.

    i haven’t been there in a couple months, i think i may be starting to twitch.