On Friday night, we met two of our closest friends for dinner in Hudson at Vue, which is situated inside the First & Main shopping district (think a more quaint version of Legacy nestled inside an even quainter downtown Hudson).

This was my first trip to Vue. I’ve heard a mix of good (atmosphere, food) and bad (price, food)things about the Metropolitan-style restaurant, but was eager to check for myself.

As far as atmosphere, I thought it was a nicely decorated and agree with everything I’ve heard and read prior to (a twist on classic supper club decor). The decor is warm and slightly contemporary and definitely had a hint of the 1940s. We sat by the window and I watched the snow come down pretty hard, which just added to the night.

As far as price, some of the items were a little high, but given the location, I didn’t think it was too bad. Definitely no worse than other places we’ve been to. But the difference between those other places and Vue, was that the food has usually been outstanding elsewhere and worth the price, unfortunately, I can’t necessarily say the same for my meal here (but that didn’t take away for an otherwise really great night).

I started off with the beet salad with goat cheese in a walnut vinaigrette. While I would have liked more goat cheese and even thought the salad itself was light on beets, this was a pretty good salad and the dressing itself was rather light and tasty.

For my meal, I had the caramelized sea scallops with lobster and corn risotto. The plump scallops alone were very good, no complaints there. The risotto on the other hand, was rather disappointing. There was just an overall lack of flavor and the consistency was rather mushy.

For dessert, I had the blackberry and Cabernet sorbet. Next to the salad, this was my favorite dish. And I liked the presentation as well, specifically the dish it was served in. Actually, across the board the presentation was creative, especially the dishes and bowl themselves.

So while there were some definite pluses and minuses to the meal, I’m not ready to write Vue off yet. I’d definitely go back, but perhaps the next visit will be for lunch.