three birds

Last week was my first restaurant outing since Natalie’s arrival. In fact, it was almost her first outing, too. I called Three Birds, which was my latest assignment for Metromix, to inquire about kids, and the women was so nice and said to absolutely bring her. The plan was to go on a Tuesday at 5 p.m. just to be safe (although really, she just sleeps in her car seat when she’s out and never makes a peep), but in the end, we decided to hold off on bringing her and I met a friend instead.

This was my first meal at the Lakewood restaurant; I’ve just been there once for drinks early in its infancy. In general, I was pleasantly surprised with my overall experience and kicking myself for waiting so long to come back. I was really impressed with the overall atmosphere and decor of the place, especially the patio. Even snow-covered, you can just picture the crowds enjoying late summer evenings (I know we’ll be there when it warms up).

My only gripe was with my meal. I had the scallops and genuinely liked this dish. In fact, the scallops were some of the best I’ve had in awhile. However, I was disappointed in that I had only two scallops. I’m not saying I need a gigantic portion with every meal, I don’t. But I was surprised to find just two lonely ones on the plate for the price. My friend’s monkfish, on the other hand, was more in line with what I would expect (and incredibly tasty, too).

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