With the resurrection of Lockkeepers, I found myself there a few months ago on behalf of Metromix.

Since reopening with the original owners, the restaurant has brought back some menu favorites and lowered prices, perhaps in an attempt to help diminish its once stuffy and expensive reputation and because now is not the time to introduce high price tags.

Will we go back? Not likely. Mostly because the food didn’t leave a lasting impression and it’s simply just not my kind of restaurant. Here is a little of my review, or you can read the full recap here.

Food: Lockkeeper’s Italian-centric menu consists of many Italian staples like lasagna big enough to share and its signature and incredibly popular calamari with kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms plus slight twists on favorites like prosciutto-wrapped long-bone pork chopped stuffed with fontina and sage. An order of the tuna tarturo teeters between staple and twist sitting atop a crunchy potato chive pancake with caper remoulada. Although beautifully constructed, too much grease interfered with an otherwise perfectly good appetizer. Continuing with a focus on presentation, the scallops with limoncello froth and shoestring veggies was also sitting pretty on the simple white plate. The scallops were seasoned and seared perfectly; However, the accompanying shoestring vegetables were overcooked, slightly bland and wilted in appearance. The highly recommended long-bone pork chop had good flavor and was anything but dry, but unfortunately, was also way too greasy, which made the dish difficult to finish. The pork is served with risotto cakes which were wonderful.

Bottom line: With its convenient location layered between business-heavy Rockside Road and a mega movie theater complex, Lockkeeper’s continues to be a good choice for business happenings, and with its new lower price point, a better alternative to neighboring chains for a weekend dinner and movie.