rock the vote, nominate chef sawyer for james beard rising star

The James Beard awards, the Oscars of the culinary world, are doing something a bit different this year with its nomination process – they are opening it up to everyone. Now we – the diners and patrons of all these great restaurants, have a voice. And wouldn’t it be great to use our voice to help one of our own get nominated for one of these highly coveted awards?

Who better to be nominated (and win) the Rising Star Chef of the Year award then Chef Jonathon Sawyer of The Greenhouse Tavern? According to the site, this award is given to a chef 30 or younger who displays an impressive talent (check) and who is likely to make an impressive impact on the industry in years to come (check and check).

Visit here to vote. Registration takes 30 seconds, then scroll down to the rising chef category. You can also nominate your pick for best new restaurant. I nominated L’Albatros and The Greenhouse Tavern.

Sawyer truly is the perfect chef for this. His food is amazing, his passion is contagious and he brought the first certified green restaurant to Ohio, not to mention his commitment to all things local. And the Sawyers are just good people. They have become our friends – it’s fun to watch them succeed and witness the difference they are making in our great city. He’s got my vote and hopefully yours, too. And if you still haven’t been to GHT – go and see for yourself. Then nominate him because you’ll agree he’s quite deserving of this honor.


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    Woot Woot Woot!

    Thanks C Foodie

    We heart you too

  2. Wendy
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    I’ll add it to my newsletter going out in an hour…and VOTE, of course… it’s the wings…i LOVE the wings…

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    I voted – he needs an award for those pommes frites

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    Go get em Johnny!!!

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    He (they) are absolutely deserving. Way to challenge us all to take action! Let’s cross our fingers.

  7. Mara
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    Just voted. Rock the Vote! Hey Michelle, just ate at Baricelli and had their Bucatini – awesome. You mentioned that was similar to how your grandmother made it. Off topic but can you pretty pretty post that recipe for the sauce? I would LOVE to try it at home.

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    Mara – I’ve actually never posted a recipe from my grandma for this sauce. Here is one I have though: