hello 27!

Ok, so it’s more like hello 35. But I have trained, er taught, my daughter to tell people I’m 27. Who would doubt that adorable face?

Last week was Flag Day, aka my birthday. I love birthdays. Mine and others – equally. I don’t really care about the number or have ever been one to worry about getting older, but rather about celebrating another great year with those that matter to me most and all the wonderful memories and experiences still to be had.

Little known fact… up until I was 9ish, I believed everyone hung a flag outside on Flag Day in my honor. My mom used to tell me that so of course I completely believed her. It wasn’t until I corrected a teacher in school for misleading the class on her version of Flag Day that I discovered the truth.

This birthday was extra special and the best one yet. We started the day off as a trio and grabbed breakfast at The Pancake House. Then we dropped Natalie off at daycare and Jamie surprised me with a day at Spa Walden. Being almost a fully baked pregnant women, I was just happy to lay in a comfortable position for a few hours – they didn’t even have to touch me and it was money well spent! This place is absolutely amazing. We were greeted with Bloody Mary’s and enjoyed our own private room, complete with hot tub, day bed, deluxe steam shower, etc. It’s a beautiful, calming and of course, relaxing setting that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re looking for some pampering, I highly recommend checking them out.

The day finished once again as a trio with dinner at Momocho. Corn-on-the-cob, butternut squash empanadas, albodingas and duck confit taquitos for the table. Another fantastic family dinner (they are wonderful with kids!) at my favorite modern Mexican place around. I’m excited to¬† make Eric’s corn at home now.

Here’s to 28!


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    Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like a wonderful day.

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    Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a great one!