local food trucks to make stop at this year’s vintage ohio

The date is set for one of the most popular wine events around – Vintage Ohio at Lake Farmpark, August 5-6. This year, look for something new to the festival – food trucks and wine pairings.

The four food trucks participating this year include: JiBARO, Streat Mobile Bistro, Umami Moto and Zydeco Bistro. When you purchase your meal at one of these four gourmet food trucks, you will be given a ticket for a complimentary taste of the wine that has been paired with the meal by each chef.

To help you learn a bit more about each truck and temp your taste buds for August, here’s some quick scoop on each:

Zydeco Bistro (Q&A with Johnny Schulze). Zydeco is run by Johnny, who does all the cooking, planning, maintenance and purchasing, along with his wife and daughter. For Vintage Ohio, he plans on featuring a few items, including his signature Zydeco Bistro creole mustard balsamic vinaigrette with or without pulled chicken; blue crab, tomato and fresh Ohio corn bisque;  Cajun style chicken and andouille jambalaya and beignets with a wild berry compote.  Wine pairings to be selected at a later date.

What inspired you to start a gourmet food truck? This has been a long-time dream for me.  When I moved from New Orleans in the mid 90s to Connecticut, I thought that someday I would share the Creole and Cajun cuisine with people by traveling in a mobile restaurant.  Prior to this idea, while in the Army on a humanitarian mission in Central America with my Louisiana Army National Guard unit, I watched a mobile kitchen serve about 300 soldiers in an hour and thought, I could do this.  I was a combat engineer by training but I was going to culinary school in New Orleans for my dream profession.

What are your future plans for your business/Cleveland, etc.? I want to own and operate a commissary kitchen and train an apprentice or young chef to run these mobile restaurants.  The next food truck would be more simple and used for a German-themed concept.  I love a good veal brat, kraut and spicy German mustard.  My parents are both from Germany; wife is Cajun.

Favorite wine and your favorite wine pairing? I eat mostly seafood – wild Gulf of Mexico shrimp, various East Cost oysters, all kinds of fish and spicy foods containing chicken and smoked sausage.  I especially like boiled blue crabs from Louisiana and could eat my weight in them.  My favorite wine pairing is with grilled marinated wild shrimp and Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc.

Streat Mobile Bistro (Q&A with Kelly McGlathery). Vintage Ohio menu will include wine lovers mac-n-cheese with gruyere, drunken goat and white cheddar cheese and chardonnay cream sauce topped with herbed bread crumbs; zinfandel BBQ pulled pork topped with creamy corn slaw on brioche bun; Riesling honey-glazed chicken thighs with fire roasted vegetable couscous and Truffle-parmesan potato chips. Wine pairings to be selected at a later date.

Favorite Ohio Winery? One of my favorite Ohio wineries, and one that I visit pretty often, is Gervasi Vineyards in North Canton.  Gervasi has some wonderful Italian inspired wines and the winery and vineyards are beautiful.  My two favorites of theirs are Piove, a refreshing Reisling with hints of peach and apricot.  This wine is wonderful with spicy foods.  I also enjoy their Primitivo, an old vine zinfandel with flavors of deep, luscious berries, black as night currents, ruby plums and the near elusive hint of fine dark chocolate. This wine goes wonderful with a nice grilled steak.

Favorite wine pairing? My personal favorite wine is Sauternes. Sauternes come from Bordeaux and is made up of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle that have been affected by Botrytis Cinerea or noble rot.  My favorites of the Sauternes is Chateau Rieussec and Chateau Raymond-Lafon.  I enjoy it with seared foie gras.

Umami Moto (Q&A with Jae Stulock). There menu will be a series of offerings that will be light, given the season, and that reflect Asian flavors that are easy to eat.  One we know that we’ll be serving is our massaman curry and sesame encrusted scallops over an Asian fruit salad.

What inspired you to start a gourmet food truck? The platform of a food truck allows us to indulge our culinary passions, while still spending ample time outside and being able to talk to and engage our customers.

Favorite wine pairing? My favorite is not so much a pairing, as it is a juxtaposition of an marone with its ripasso.  The amarone is like running your hand over velvet and the ripasso is still velvet with your hand passing the opposite direction.  By tasting them together, it highlights the characteristics of the grape.

JiBARO (Q&A with Elvis). JiBARO is gaining reputation for incorporating a lot of spice and herbs into their dishes, under the goal of experiencing the flavors of the world locally. For Vintage Ohio, they plan to make a gourmet Jiburrito with slow roasted pork accompanied with five-spice kale and whole chick peas, pickled carrots, JiBARO yellow rice and sweet corn salsa.  Also expect a vegetarian paella with broccoli florets, yellow rice, carrots, peas, corn, whole green beans with herbs de Provance.  Plus shrimp ceviche with a kiwi mango salsa and their famous Caribbean yellow rice, bean stew with barbacoa beef topped with five-spice kale.  Side items include Caribbean plantains, palm fritz and for dessert a cinnamon filled Churro.

Favorite Ohio wines? Some of my favorite Wineries in Ohio are MonAmi and Viking Vineyards.  I’ve had the pleasure to harvest the crop from Viking Vineyard back in 2008.  It was a great learning experience and at the same time very enjoyable.  Visiting MonAmi Winery is always filled with great memories.  Our family likes to visit this Winery at least once a year.

What inspired you to start a food truck? First of all, I love my truck! I have always loved to cook.  Just the idea of being able to take my food on the road made it that much more interesting and enjoyable for me.  My wife and kids inspire me day to day to work hard and to express my artistic abilities into each one of the plates that I prepare.  Meeting people every day and interacting with them is definitely a plus as well.

Favorite wine pairing? While working in the wine and food industry, I have had the opportunity to taste many amazing wines.  Some of my favorite wines are Fontana Bianca Barbaresco 97 Vintage, Viberti Buan Padre Barolo 97 Vintage and Domaine Paul Autard Chateaneof de Pape 98 Vintage.  My favorite pairings are European Whites, especially Italian white wines which pair well with seafood or game meats.

This post was sponsored by Vintage Ohio. Advance tickets are $25; $27 at the gate. Ticket includes entry to the festival, a souvenir wine glass, and wine samples.  Advance tickets are available here or by calling 800-227-6972. Two-day wine taster tickets are available for $40.  Designated driver tickets are $10.  Tickets for children age 3-17 are $3.  Children under age 3 are free.


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    It makes me sad to say, but this is the first year I won’t be going to Vintage Ohio. I have happily supported this event for 12 years but over the past few years it has become seriously disappointing.

    The number of wineries have decreased and the price has steadily increased. A lot of my favorite wineries have dropped out of the event and, from what I have heard, it’s due to rising costs for them to participate.

    On top of everything else, the lines are ridiculous now. Last year was the first time I had attended on a Saturday in about five years. We always took off on Friday to avoid the lines but last year we went with our neighbors who couldn’t miss work. What a disaster. Waiting in line for 15-20 minutes for a 1oz sample of wine is irritating. Especially in the sweltering August heat.

    While a big crowd is good for an event like this, if you don’t make adjustments to accommodate that growing crowd efficiently, it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

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    That’s really great feedback from someone who has been supporting this for over a decade. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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    To AllLaqueredup:

    We’re sorry you won’t be with us this year at Vintage. But we have heard your concerns and are working to mitigate them.

    RE the lines: as the event has become more popular, it is always a difficult thing to move them along more quickly without offending those who waited. So we’ve asked that the wineries all increase the number of tasting stations — and this year will provide some ‘education and entertainment’ while people are waiting. In addition to posting the winelists on large signage in front of each tent, we’re adding QR codes posted at each. One OR topic will be a 30 second interview with the winemaker, the second will be a 30 ‘wine education/appreciation piece. We hope this will make the lines more tolerable. And of course, we always suggest that if you find a wine you love, you can purchase a glass to enjoy with your food.

    RE the number of wineries: it is always a struggle as the commitment on the part of many of the smaller operations is great [leave their home facility in the hands of others and spend 3 nights away from the business with 8-10 additional folks along to help pour] We are pleased this year we have 24, more than at any time except in 2008 when we had 24.

    RE the price: We do all we can to keep things reasonab.e We continue to see our costs for site rental, security, glassware, wine, etc. rise, so we hold it as best we can. For those that subscribe to ClevelandFoodie, we’re going to offer an $8 discount off the gate price. And if you sign up for Groupon NEXT year, we plan again to offer a very deep discount [$14 taster ticket in 2011 — which was offered this past May]. If you sign up for our e letter http://www.OhioWines.org, you’ll get early notice of all of these special offers

    RE the heat: we will be adding a number of mobile ‘misters’ if the temps go above 75 degrees or so

    Finally, while you did not mention it, there have been folks who have been requesting more wine friendly food. As you can see, for 2011, we’re adding the very popular gourmet food trucks to our 2011 show. They will be in a featured area and we’ve asked the wineries to pair their offerings with one of the chef’s featured creations.

    In any case, you will be missed, but if these changes tempt you to return, please be sure to look up one of the staff and introduce yourself. We’d love to get to know someone who has been so loyal to our event.

    Donniella Winchell, Vintage Ohio cooridnator

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