ladies who lunch

I’ve always wondered about ladies who lunch. I have often joked that that’s who I’d like to come back as. Well, the past few months (thanks to maternity leave) that’s just what has become of me. Although something tells me the two aren’t exactly the same.

My afternoon partners in crime have been my two beautiful daughters, Natalie and Olivia. With Olivia still being carted everywhere in her car seat, this is typically the easy time to be out and about. And thankfully Natalie continues to be a pretty good diner, as long as we eat early (like as soon as the doors open), bring something to occupy her and don’t overstay our welcome.

We have fully taken advantage of having the summer “off.” When I had Natalie, it was the dead of winter so we were often stir crazy. Not so this time around. As soon as Olivia turned the ripe old age of two weeks, we fled the homestead. We called grandma, girlfriends, aunts and daddy to come meet us. We’d often hit up parks, museums, farmers’ markets and Target first, then lunch, which was often al fresco (why tempt fate – we dine outside when we can when the minis are in tow).

A favorite has been Flour. We have sat at the same corner table on their patio at least three times this summer. Natalie loves the pizza, the staff is great with her and mommy can’t get enough of their cob salad with roasted shallot dressing and cheese. However, Flour has made a little snob out of her. She now insists on olive oil (or dip as she affectionately calls it) when she has bread. Don’t  insult her with mere butter.

L’Albatros was another hit, not necessarily with the kids but with mom and dad. We haven’t been there in awhile so it was nice to head back – though I couldn’t take advantage of what I really love about this place: the wine and cheese. That will wait for a date night in our very near future. For Jamie’s birthday, we went to The Natural History Museum coupled with lunch. Jamie inhaled the burger while I had the frisee salad with poached egg, lardons and pork belly – a seriously large piece of pork belly. In fact, it was too much for me. A few bites were all I needed. We ordered the bianco pizza for Natalie with fontina and rosemary and devoured the grilled peaches with prosciutto and tomato salad that the chef sent out.

Other afternoon delights included Taza, Fountain, Umami (though you could put this one in a variety of categories – it’s my husband’s hands-down favorite restaurant and we spend a lot of family time there. They are great with kids and will make a special kid-approved stir-fry).

While being a lady who lunches has had its moments and created great memories with my girls, perhaps my favorite lunchtime excursions have been playdates with our friends over pizza pie, simple picnics in the park and Natalie helping me cook lunch in our own kitchen. She makes a mean peanut butter, yogurt and jelly sammy with a side of Cheerios.


  1. Warren Cohen
    Posted September 17, 2011 at 6:46 am | Permalink

    Although Flour is kid friendly, and that is nice, the pizza is pretty bad……

  2. Posted September 18, 2011 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    That Natalie is a little socialite!