fave dish in town?

This is actually not an easy question as there are plenty of things I tend to order over and over… like the clams and foie gras at Greenhouse. Anything cheese-related at L’Albatros. The curry chicken at Umami. But when asked about that one dish – the dish that never disappoints, that I crave and persuade others to try… well, it was a no brainer. Hello Momocho! Add one (or three) cucumber margaritas to this dish and who need the mega millions? Yeah, not really – but you get my point.

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A beautiful stack of Mexican goodness

Who: Michelle Venorsky, aka Cleveland Foodie
What: Smoked trout and crab chilaquiles
Where: Momocho

This is one beautifully stacked plate of modern Mexican goodness. The layers of smoked trout and crab are loaded with black beans and tons of cotija cheese. Then it has this fried egg on top. When you break that yolk and it comes streaming down, it is incorporated into every bite. There are little mini tortillas and tomatilla verde, so it’s almost like a Mexican lasagna. It is just so, so unbelievably good.

Whenever I eat it, it always tastes as good as the first time I had it three years ago. The best part is I can only get through half. I can’t wait to dig into my breakfast — the leftovers — the next morning.

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  1. mary2
    Posted April 2, 2012 at 9:17 am | Permalink

    Have not been to Momocho in a while…must go and check that entree out! Sounds awesome!
    Have a Great Day!