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Twice this past month, I found myself having lunch in one of my favorite neighborhoods, exploring one of its newest tenants: Town Hall in Ohio City.

Now I know why they picked this name, at least the Hall part. This place is big. Deceptively big. There’s a large patio at back near the Market parking lot, which leads you into the restaurant. An open space, that’s you guessed it – large, with another big area off the side. And then there’s a street-facing patio that’s actually more quaint. Despite its size, I liked the space and overall atmosphere, especially when you snag a table towards the front. Ideal for people watching on W 25th and enjoying the breeze since the front and back walls open up to Mother Nature.

On both visits, I started off with the Green Thumb, a truly refreshing blend of kale, ginger, lemon, apple and celery. I’m a big fan of green drinks and this one was quite enjoyable. It’s worth noting that the food itself skews more on the healthy and sustainable side, which is fantastic. So don’t let the burger on its website fool you.

For lunch, I tried the summer salad (greens, gorgonzola, chicken, avocado, strawberries, walnuts, leeks and balsamic) and the tofu street truck tacos on visit #2 (avocado, black beans, slaw, pico de gallo and cilantro).

The salad was enjoyable. Fresh, tasty, nicely cooked chicken – just what I was anticipating. But the tacos were just ho-hum.  They weren’t bad per se, but there wasn’t anything about these three little tacos that left me satisfied.

So in short, great space, delicious healthy concoctions but some further taste-testing needs to be done on the food itself. Of course, I’m up for that challenge.



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    unfortunately they use uncle ben’s rice….no joke

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