morning fun at the west side market

Like many Clevelanders, I love going to the West Side Market. Each visit – from run-of-the-mill pop-ins to specific destinations – seems special and full of discovery.

But perhaps one of my favorite trips was the most recent. Thanks in large part to my lovely and good friend Charity, the very talented woman behind Chartreuse and I Heart Clevelandthe best blog in town.

Charity coordinated a fall outing in search of all the makings for a seasonal meal that was equal parts fun and educational, thanks to the equally lovely chef Ruth Maxwell of Gatherings Kitchen. Side note: if you haven’t checked out Gatherings in Lakewood now is the perfect time. It’s such a fun place to go with friends – like for a holiday culinary outing perhaps?

To help capture our morning, Charity invited her friend Regi Strauss who is responsible for these amazing pictures! I love her eye and had a hard time picking which ones to show. I wish everyone of my posts had beautiful photography to share.

Now, the West Side Market is something special and to be proud of as is. We all know and embrace this. But what I wasn’t anticipating was how magnificent the market was before the madness of the day begins. Since I got there first right before 8, the place was barely open (anyone who knows me isn’t surprised by this!). Vendors were just turning on their lights and stocking for the day. It was quiet and void of customers. It was beautiful. I was in awe of the market. It was really a special feeling to walk around the aisles solo and just take it all in. Now, if you are a parent and typically shop at the market with strollers, than you can really appreciate the notion of being there sans stroller! A pure joy in and of itself.

No surprise, the dish I was shopping for was a pasta. Specifically, a Tagliatelle with chestnuts, pancetta and sage. I love my carbs – especially this time of the year. Which means come January, I will try to love my carbs a lot less. And of course anything with pancetta is that much better. A staple in my fridge.

I was able to find everything I needed – with the exception of chestnuts (thank you, Heinen’s). Ohio City Pasta was wiped clean but Ruth suggested I buy their pasta sheets and cut my own pasta. Perfect and easy solution – and something I plan to do more of now.

Of course I was able to quickly snag everything else I needed for this simple – yet ridiculously good and satisfying dish that I highly recommend you try for yourself. What a fun outing! Thanks again to Ruth, Regi and especially Charity. I’d gladly shop – and cook – with these ladies anytime!


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    I love going to the West Side Market, so much great food you can get.