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noodlecat. noodlecat. noodlecat.

I’m so excited for this to open, I just can’t stop saying the name. If you’re active on Facebook, then you’ve likely seen people “liking” Noodlecat over the past few months. And this week, the proverbial cat was let out of the bag so to speak as to what this secretive restaurant is exactly and […]

bon appetit recognizes the greenhouse tavern as one of america’s best

By now you’ve probably read plenty of local reviews on The Greenhouse Tavern from media and bloggers alike. And I’m going to assume you’ve talked to a few people who told you that the wings were ridiculously good, the burger best in town and the pasta unreal. And that’s all true (okay, maybe not the […]

inside: greenhouse tavern

With four visits thus far and another one planned tomorrow, it’s safe to say I’m a bona fide Greenhouse Tavern fan. From Cento to Greenhouse, I’ve admired and enjoyed chef Sawyer’s approach to cooking. And I’m not alone. Sawyer and the entire Greenhouse team are receiving high accolades on the local and national level. And […]

preview dinner at the greenhouse tavern

They say good things come to those who wait. Well Cleveland, we’ve waited and in return, we’re rewarded with not good, but great things. On Sunday night, Jamie and I were fortunate enough to be included among the eager and downright giddy that had the pleasure to attend The Greenhouse Tavern’s family and friends preview. […]

q & a with amelia zatik-sawyer

There are a lot of blogs I try to keep up with on a regular basis, from cooking to marketing to a few topics in between. One of those not-to-miss blogs is Chef’s Widow. The widow in question is Amelia Zatik-Sawyer, aka Mrs. Jonathon Sawyer of Bar Cento and the highly anticipated Greenhouse Tavern. Her […]