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osteria di valerio & al

Despite living a few blocks from Osteria for two years (and routinely returning to the area since moving), and always on a personal quest for really good Italian food and willing to try just about anything, I’ve never made it to Osteria. There’s no good answer as to why. I’ve never heard anything negative about the […]

weekend dinner party

If it were up to me, we would entertain every weekend. I love having people over, whether it’s for a sit-down dinner, casual cookout or winter game night. To me, having friends and family over, laughing and creating memories, is what makes a house a home. To my husband, it means stress and more stress. […]


I’m Italian. Not part or even half, but 100 percent. Growing up, we rarely ate Italian out because no one could cook as well as my mom or grandma. My school lunches consisted of veal cutlet sandwiches or left over ossobucco. Regardless of the situation, sauce never came from a jar, breadcrumbs were always scratch […]

q & a with heather haviland

Next to the Bongo Room in Chicago and the Kula Lodge in Maui at the bottom of the Haleakala Mountain (okay, that one tops the list), Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont is my favorite spot for breakfast. Chef Heather Haviland, who also owns Sweet Mosaic, has created more than a great neighborhood coffee shop that happens […]

the last supper

Normally I wouldn’t be going out to dinner three nights in a row (plans to go to Blue Canyon w/ the in laws tonight), but with Battuto closing, I had to get one last meal in. We got there right before 8 and was surprised to see just 60% of the restaurant filled. Being the […]

No! Battuto don’t go

My favorite restaurant in this city is leaving. Battuto, in Little Italy, is hands down the best Italian restaurant we have – and we’re losing it as of August 4. I’m a food snob and extremely picky about what and where I eat, but this is especially true when it comes to Italian food. I’m […]

craving battuto

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Battuto, probably last fall. That’s too long. I’ve sent many people to my favorite restaurant in Little Italy since then, in fact just two more last week. I’ve driven by several times, but we just haven’t made a date to go there. It’s probably our favorite restaurant in […]