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q&a with derek clayton

I receive a lot of e-mail pertaining to the Q&A portion of the blog. This is clearly one of the most popular features and I love the feedback, chef suggestions (I’m trying to get to them all) and overall comments. I agree – it’s fun to get to know our chefs a bit better. And […]

q&a with jeni britton bauer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Jeni’s! I don’t have an overly powering sweet tooth. In fact, I often prefer cheese for dessert. That is, until I was first introduced to Jeni’s,  the artisan ice cream that hails two short hours from my doorstep in Columbus. I first tried salted carmel, and then strawberry […]

q & a with chef pete joyce

Recently, chef Pete Joyce and his wife opened Bistro on Lincoln Park in the old Sage space in Tremont. My husband and I went there for dinner in early December. We thoroughly enjoyed both the space and the food and would highly recommend visiting if you haven’t already. 1. What are the top 5 spices […]

q & a with liz wienclaw

I wrote several weeks ago about my first experience at Pier W. Almost a month later, and I’m still thinking about those crab legs and the peanut butter bomb dessert. I found myself back at Pier W the following week, this time for an article for West Shore magazine. The focus of the piece was […]

q & a with amelia zatik-sawyer

There are a lot of blogs I try to keep up with on a regular basis, from cooking to marketing to a few topics in between. One of those not-to-miss blogs is Chef’s Widow. The widow in question is Amelia Zatik-Sawyer, aka Mrs. Jonathon Sawyer of Bar Cento and the highly anticipated Greenhouse Tavern. Her […]

q & a with christopher schramm

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Chef Jonathon Sawyer for an upcoming Cleveland Magazine article. That brief interview turned into a very fun and memorable experience. Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting Jonathon’s beautiful wife and kids, but also Michael and Liz Symon (talk about a down-to-earth, kind […]

q & a with chef nolan konkoski

Chef Nolan Konkoski is the man responsible for the popular tequila dinners, among other tasty dishes, at Momocho. He’s originally from upstate New York and started cooking in college as a means to make money (went to school for English literature and writing). Lucky for us, he pursued cooking. 1. What are the top 5 […]

q & a with cory barrett

Cory Barrett, Ohio native and Lola/Lolita head pastry chef, has been in the food business for 10 years now and thankfully, much of that time has been spent here. He is the man responsible for several popular sweet treats craved by Clevelanders, including the 6 a.m. special at Lola and my husband’s personal addiction, the […]

q & a with matthew mathlage

I was sad to see Parker’s American Bistro close. Chef Parker Bosley was (is) an amazing and smart chef and his Ohio City restaurant was a favorite place to dine. Lucky for us, something equally as wonderful moved right into that charming and cozy house turned restaurant – Light Bistro. And with executive chef/owner (and […]

q & a with wendy thompson

One of my favorite desserts in town is the peanut butter crunch bar of sorts at Dante. Normally, I opt for cheese for dessert but make an exception for this little bit of heaven. The woman behind the fabulous dessert, along with many others, is pastry chef Wendy Thompson. 1. What are the top 5 […]