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cleveland magazine: the tastemakers

I finally got around to going through last week’s mail, which included my copy of Cleveland Magazine with Michael Symon, Karen Small and Dante Boccuzzi on the cover. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this issue, which focuses on taste, because I had the pleasure of interviewing both Dante and Karen, as well as Jonathon Sawyer and […]

do something good, have dinner with a chef

Want to have dinner with Doug Katz? How about Karen Small? Or maybe spend some quality time with Dante Boccuzzi. Maybe he’ll share some Robert DeNiro stories with you while he cooks – and serves – you dinner. And while you are enjoying your personally prepared, five-course meal by one of Cleveland’s culinary masters, you […]

q & a with wendy thompson

One of my favorite desserts in town is the peanut butter crunch bar of sorts at Dante. Normally, I opt for cheese for dessert but make an exception for this little bit of heaven. The woman behind the fabulous dessert, along with many others, is pastry chef Wendy Thompson. 1. What are the top 5 […]

q & a with linda griffith

If you’re not familiar with Linda, you should be. Besides monitoring the food forum on, she, along with her husband Fred (Good Company, Morning Exchange, Cleveland icon – yes, that Fred), have co-authored six cookbooks, including Onions, Onions, Onions which was a recipient of the prestigious James Beard award. She is a self-taught chef […]

let them eat bread

I am not a chef and I have never owned or managed a restaurant. Bartending and serving throughout and post college are my only experiences of the inner workings of the business. That, combined with my experience as a “customer” coupled with my background in PR and marketing communications in general is the basis for […]