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cook like rocco whalen: two perfect sauces to accompany grilled satay

I love food prepared on the grill – but, I have a fear of the grill itself. Not sure why as nothing dramatic has ever happened. So instead, I’ll happily prepare anything to get it grill-worthy, then pass off to Jamie who is the designated  master griller for our household and who is also a […]

breakfast with santa

For the second year in a row, we went to Fahrenheit for Breakfast with Santa. I think I was more excited than my two-year-old for this outing. Granted, my overall experience with kids and Santa is rather limited. But I can’t imagine someone doing a better job than Rocco Whalen and the entire staff at […]

osteria di valerio & al

Despite living a few blocks from Osteria for two years (and routinely returning to the area since moving), and always on a personal quest for really good Italian food and willing to try just about anything, I’ve never made it to Osteria. There’s no good answer as to why. I’ve never heard anything negative about the […]

clambakes: throwing or going

Those that know me well know this is my favorite time of the year for three reasons: the Browns, fall and clambakes. I’m always trying to persuade people to throw a bake or wrangle up a group to attend one. To me, a bake is always best when thrown in someone’s backyard on a crisp […]


There are some restaurants that you know you can always count on. Regardless of when you go, if it’s for dinner or a drink, or how much time may have lapsed in between visits, you just know you’re going to have a great meal and good time. For me, Fahrenheit is one of those places. […]

cleveland rocks and so does its food (tell me why and win $50 to crop)

Since landing in Cleveland in 2005, chef Steve Schimoler has made quite the impression. After his term ended at Nestle in Solon, he could have packed up his knives and headed anywhere given his impressive background and talent. But no, he decided to stay in Cleveland and open Crop Bistro in the summer of 2007. […]

a night in the 216

Actually, most of our nights are spent in the 216 supporting local one way or another, but I thought I’d stick with my friend Danielle’s Room Service theme. Before we made our way to the Made in the 216 event at Room Service, which showcased several local designers and products made right here, we met […]

a quick conversation with rocco

In the November issue of Cleveland Magazine, I wrote two small articles. One took a look at four restaurants that offer al fresco dining practically year round, while the other was a very quick peak at a recent conversation with chef Rocco Whalen of Fahrenheit. For the Rocco piece, I noticed the editors did some […]

happy hour at fahrenheit

What a great evening we had on Friday night. Since it has been some time since we’ve been to Fahrenheit, we decided to head there for an early dinner (I mean early – Dr. Phil was still on the TV when we got there!). We sat at the bar and decided to order a variety […]

the gospel according to rocco

Next up for the Q&A is Chef Rocco Whalen of Tremont’s Fahrenheit. Whalen, who spent several years cooking with Wolfgang Puck at three of his restaurants, is just 30. That’s a lot to accomplish at such a young age. It will be interesting to watch him continue to grow and develop. In my short chat […]