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cleveland rocks and so does its food (tell me why and win $50 to crop)

Since landing in Cleveland in 2005, chef Steve Schimoler has made quite the impression. After his term ended at Nestle in Solon, he could have packed up his knives and headed anywhere given his impressive background and talent. But no, he decided to stay in Cleveland and open Crop Bistro in the summer of 2007. […]


Shortly after Lago first opened, I met my girlfriends there for dinner. Last month, I found myself back at Lago sitting at the same corner booth with the same group of friends. I wrote initially that I wasn’t too impressed with the restaurant and received quite a bit of e-mails, some agreeing with me but […]

not impressed with Lago

I checked out Lago shortly after they first opened and unfortunately, I wasn’t too impressed. I really wanted to like this place. I loved its predecessors: Mojo and Theory (I wish Mojo never left and Theory had the best desserts and patio). When I went with my girlfriends, we were the only people there. It […]

Cleveland restaurants mentioned twice in Food & Wine (plus tips for saving $$ when ordering wine out)

In this month’s Food & Wine, Lettie Taugue, one of the wine editors, offers readers tips to save on sky rocketing wine prices at restaurants across the country. In the article, she mentions both Lago and Lolita as having great wine lists that won’t rob you blind. It’s nice to see our city receive a […]