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bistro on lincoln park

One of the last restaurants we went to before I had the baby was the newest addition to Tremont, Bistro on Lincoln Park, for Metromix. Chef Pete Joyce and his wife purchased the former Sage space to open this Mediterranean restaurant. Overall we really enjoyed it, both the food and atmosphere. Joyce, and his sous […]

taste on lee

A few weeks ago we visited Taste, the new restaurant in Cleveland Heights that sits in the former Wine Room space, for Metromix. Check out the full review here. This restaurant is a great addition to Lee Road. After chatting with the chef, I look forward to heading back in the future to see how […]

metropolitan cafe

Many things have closed in this city that I miss. From Higbee’s downtown, to Hough Bakery – even Geauga Lake (granted I haven’t been there in ages, but it’s downright depressing and eerie to drive by and just to know it’s not part of our city anymore). And when it comes to restaurants, Battuto and […]

pepper’s italian restaurant

It’s not often that I find myself in a local restaurant that not only have I never heard of, but don’t know anyone else that has either. Enter Pepper’s Italian Restaurant, my latest review for Metromix. The entire review is here. Basically, it was better than I expected; however, the sauce was disappointing and pasta […]

2182 bistro

For my latest Metromix review, we headed back to 2182 Bistro in Brecksville. This wasn’t my first visit to the tiny French bistro and wine bar, but I have a feeling it will probably be my last. It’s not that everything on the menu is disappointing, I have had a few good items. But for […]

dante / sushi blues

We headed back to Dante the other week for my latest Metromix write-up. Thankfully, we found ourselves at the Valley View restaurant on a Thursday night, which happens to be the night Dante becomes master of all things sushi for his weekly Sushi Blues event, find the best sashimi knives –If you decide that you […]

superior pho

I’ve enjoyed Vietnamese food on several occasions, but never from Superior Pho. For my recent Metromix write-up, I was lucky enough to finally try this fan favorite among Celevelanders, including Michael Symon (thanks again, Michael, for the menu suggestions). A couple things stood out immediately about this place. First, it can be a bit tricky […]

sokolowski’s university inn

Craving the comforts of carbohydrates? Look no further than the eastern European landmark cafeteria in Tremont: Sokolowski’s University Inn. We visited Sokolowski’s a few weeks ago for my latest Metromix write-up. By all accounts, it was the perfect outing for me. The weather was cold, a key factor when indulging on carbs, pregnancy has made […]

felice urban cafe

For my latest Metromix review, I visited Felice Urban Cafe, the fairly new restaurant right around the corner from Shaker Square on Larchmere. The chef, Ricardo Sandoval, is the same guy behind Lava Lounge and Fat Cats. If anything, this place is worth checking out for the atmosphere alone. The old Craftsman-style house is quite […]

take your dog to dinner

Stella, our dog, is very excited that she now has options of where she can go in this city (without us sneaking her in). Here’s the latest story I did for Metromix on dog-friendly eateries. The list, albeit small – but growing, includes some great places, like: Henry’s at the Barn, Luxe, Tartine, Garage Bar, […]