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symon on: west side openings, swenson’s, judging next iron chef & why he’s better at cooking than music trivia

Yesterday, a bunch of bloggers from across the country were selected to interview Michael Symon via phone. The process itself was quite fun and I was excited to be included, but also a little weird at the same time. I’d watch him on screen answer my questions, but there was a 5 second delay between […]

just another week in the CLE

Most miserable city? I beg to differ. My week started by spending an evening with a bunch of really witty and engaging  Cleveland bloggers by way of a shopping spree at NEXT in Beachwood Place (I didn’t shop, sigh. Instead, I played the part of social media maven and organized this soiree. I sometimes do […]

symon on letterman tonight

I’m forcing myself to stay up late tonight. Michael Symon is making his debut on David Letterman and will no doubt make Clevelanders everywhere proud. You can read more from Joe Crea here: UPDATE: rescheduled per Symon’s FB page till Jan.

b spot

“Michael Symon is trying to kill me,” proclaimed Jamie in a recent Facebook status. He went onto explain ‘B Spot two days in a row for lunch, please don’t tell my cardiologist.’ B Spot may not be coveted by area heart docs, unless of course you find one that regularly encourages consuming beef, brats, beer, […]

michael symon: live to cook

April of last year we went to Sonoma and San Francisco for the week. Like every trip I take, I spend a fair amount of time researching where to eat. For this trip, I e-mailed Michael Symon to inquire about his favorite places since I remembered reading he just returned from the Bay area. He quickly […]

b spot news

Come mid November, looks like all the baby weight I lost is about to pack itself right back on – and then some. Because that’s when Michael Symon’s newest eatery will open and it’s not a salad and smoothie kinda place. Best blender for fruits and vegetables ticks your box in this area. While working on […]

bar symon (will travel for food)

After patiently waiting to try Michael Symon’s latest eatery, Bar Symon, we decided to try it tonight for Jamie’s birthday. Situated in Avon Lake, it’s about a 40 minute drive. The distance doesn’t phase us since we easily lose track of time playing the best real money gambling games at I also have two […]

food and wine

A few things caught my eye in this month’s Food & Wine. Up first – a small feature that highlights a variety of chef’s kitchen essentials, including Michael Symon. The issue overall focused on the best new chefs and some of their favorite recipes. Included in the lineup is Nate Appleman with a16 and SPQR, […]

apparently not everyone is a michael symon fan

I still don’t get it. Lolita quickly won her over – twice. And for nine months straight, she craved the beef cheek pierogies and super thin and perfectly salted fries. The laugh alone over the TV has made her smile and throw her arms all around in excitement. But something changed. Of all the places […]

grab a beer with michael symon

Ok, maybe not literally grab a beer with our James Beard winning Iron Chef (but he’s the kind of guy that would probably say yes – and love it!). But beer is exactly what’s on this chef’s mind. In his latest endeavor, Michael Symon has just partnered with Pilsner Urquell, the world’s first golden beer, […]