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more valentine’s day treats. bake like jonathan bennett: soft caramels

With Valentine’s Day upon us, here’s another delectable dish to make for your sweetie. This candy is courtesy of chef Jonathan Bennett of Moxie/Red, who says it’s one of his favorites. Soft Caramels 2 C      Sugar 2 T       Molasses 2 T       Butter 2 C      Heavy Cream ¾ C     Glucose ½ t       Kosher Salt ½ […]

out to lunch

I live fairly close to my office, so for lunch I typically run home or just eat at my desk. When I do go out for lunch, it’s usually a quick bite at The American Tavern or takeout from Pacific East (you can’t beat their lunch special / 2 rolls, soup & salad for $8.95). […]

$1 equals 40 days of water for a child (cleveland chefs join together for unicef’s project tap)

From March 22 – 28, five local restaurants are participating in Unicef’s Tap Project, which brings clean water to millions of children around the world – something each of us takes for granted every single day. Just $1 provides drinking water for one child for 40 days – $1, something most of spend without a […]

moxie goes local

I received an e-mail from Anthony Hamilton, one of the chefs over at Moxie and Red. He shared some of the ways Moxie is trying to utilize as many local producers as possible, from cheese, to meat to produce. For the remainder of this month, and throughout September, the restaurant is kicking this effort into […]


Last night, all I wanted after a long week of work was a glass of wine and some good cheese. We ended up sitting at the bar at Moxie since they offer both and are pretty close to home. I love good cheese and Moxie boasts a pretty impressive selection. While my husband opted for […]

q & a with jonathan bennett

Chef Jonathan Bennett is the popular executive chef at Moxie and its sister restaurant, Red, the well-liked east side destinations that have received praises in Gourmet, Esquire and Playboy. Bennett has been with Moxie since 1997 when he started as a sous chef. 1. What are the top 5 spices every home chef should have? […]

q & a with douglas trattner

The witty Doug Trattner, the former lawyer turned food critic, has been telling us where to eat and what to avoid for the past six years via the Free Times (plus regular stints with the Plain Dealer and on WMJI). And last year, the Ohio SPJ (society of professional journalists) named him the best critic […]

nyc foodie back in cleveland

Work continues to bring the NYC foodie to Cleveland, and each time he’s in town, he sets out to experience a bit more of our city. I give him a lot of credit, not only for actually getting out to explore Cleveland and showing a lot of interest in our town, but recognizing that culinary […]