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flour in moreland hills

Like many of you, I was sad when Baricelli closed. I’ve spent many summer nights on that patio enjoying wine, cheese and the bucatini all’ amatriciana. But truthfully, I only took advantage of Baricelli in the summer because I was never a fan of the decor inside. While the patio and building itself may have […]

sneak peek: flour

Imagine not working since last July. Ok, so for some this may bring a smile to your face. But for others, it would feel like torture. Especially if you truly love your craft, like chefs Paul Minnillo and Christopher DiLisi. Last summer, Minnillo made the decision to close The Baricelli Inn after 25 years. Shortly […]

a very good wednesday in cleveland (university circle and baricelli inn)

A few weeks ago I saw tweet offering a link to a recent study. I never bothered to click on the link because I was having a good day and didn’t feel like being aggravated by said reporter’s clear lack of research or obvious preconceived and incorrect perceptions of my city. The study in question […]

cinco de mayo: happenings and recipes

I honestly have no idea where the times goes. I realize just how cliche that sounds and that everyone says that. But seriously, how is it that I’m writing a post for Cinco de Mayo when I feel like it wasn’t that long ago when I wrote last year’s post and was sitting upstairs at […]

chef news

A lot of exciting happenings for our local chefs over the past couple weeks. Here’s a recap: Terra MadreThis year’s class has been selected to attend the food extravaganza in Torino, Italy. I remember Dominic Cerino talking about his experience a few years ago and sharing his memories. It sounds like an amazing food journey. […]

q & a with chef paul minnillo

Of all the talented chefs in Cleveland, Paul Minnillo is perhaps the most celebrated. I’ve yet to find a better patio, with a better atmosphere and more tempting wine and cheese offerings than at The Baricelli Inn (the bucatini is a must, too). 1. The top 5 spices that are a must in every kitchen? […]