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recipe: grandma’s chicken soup

Grandma Bess’ Chicken Soup / By Jimmy Sollisch My grandmother’s chicken soup contains,besides chicken: the salt of six million tears,the weight of a pound of pureed parsnips and of history,not to mention all the love and joy she never showed. 1. Grandma Bess always started with a chicken.But humans evolve and so do recipes,So I […]

recipe: ginger wasabi slaw

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend cookouts, here’s another poetic recipe from Jimmy Sollisch. Ginger Wasabi SlawThere is nothing quite so humble as slaw.It starts with the lowly cabbageAnd even if it’s purpleIt’s no radducio.It’s what the Irish boil with corned beef.It’s the backbone of Southern slaw,Slathered next to corn and barbeque.It’s a buck-fifty-nine […]

recipe: pasta puttanesca

Some of you may recall that I have previously shared a few things written by my good friend/coworker, Jim Sollisch. He’s not only a very talented writer, he’s a fabulous chef. Jimmy is another one of those types that can make a fabulous meal out of anything and never follows a recipe. Lucky for me […]