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I heart sushi. It’s up there as one of my favorite meals. For awhile now, I’ve been boasting that Pacific East gets my vote for favorite local place for sushi. And when the restaurant owners decided to open a second location in Eton, just a few miles from my house, I was downright giddy. So […]

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TartineTartine will be hosting its second wine dinner on Tuesday, January 27 (they host one a month, each with a different theme). January’s dinner will celebrate the culinary exchange between France and the southeast Asian area once known as French Indochina, most notably Vietnam. The dinner will feature 5 courses paired with 5 wines for […]

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I ran up to Miles Market yesterday to pick up a peach pie to bring to our friend’s house last night, when I noticed two new restaurants coming soon to the new shopping plaza next to the market: Shinano and Viet Pho. I had heard several months ago that Shinano was closing its place in […]