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q&a with paulius nasvytis of the velvet tango room

Ten or 11 years ago I had my first cocktail at the Velvet Tango Room. I was instantly smitten from the moment I stepped inside. This was my kind of place. It was like taking a step back in time. A step back to a forgotten era that was still alive and well in this […]

velvet tango room

You may have already seen this (I’m a little behind in my news these days…), but the Velvet Tango Room was recently featured in USA Today. The brief article is entitled, 10 Great Places to Slip into a Modern Speakeasy. If you have never experienced the VTR, be sure to soon. We’re lucky to have […]

velvet tango room

By way of the food forum, I saw this link to Michael Ruhlam’s blog post on the Velvet Tango Room. It’s a good post, and also a good blog. Very cool to learn that Anthony Bourdain (I can’t wait until Aug 27 when No Reservations/Cleveland airs) and Wynton Marsalis enjoyed the VTR and that […]