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q&a with farmer lee jones (part 1)

Farmer Lee Jones has a lot to say. And I can certainly appreciate anyone who has the gift of gab. I asked him a handful of questions and I got a whole lot in return. It’s all good stuff and therefore don’t want to cut anything, so I’m going to share this latest Q&A as […]

q&a with david uecke

From McDonald’s to L’Albatros (with a lot of time in  Charleston in between at some wonderful restaurants). The latest Q&A is with chef David Uecke. 1. What five things should be in everyone’s pantry? Kosher salt, rice wine vinegar, white pepper, coriander (either fresh or dried), red pepper flakes. I generally prefer everything to be […]

symon on: west side openings, swenson’s, judging next iron chef & why he’s better at cooking than music trivia

Yesterday, a bunch of bloggers from across the country were selected to interview Michael Symon via phone. The process itself was quite fun and I was excited to be included, but also a little weird at the same time. I’d watch him on screen answer my questions, but there was a 5 second delay between […]

q&a with grill ’em all (plus dim and den sum news)

I almost didn’t do this interview. My first thought was not to promote those that leave Cleveland. I generally like to call out those that choose to keep their talents here and all the good happening within our city. Then I realized I was being silly. There are great people from Cleveland doing great things […]

q&a with fred thaxton

I didn’t learn of Fred Thaxton of Thaxtons Garlic through the markets or his strong relationship with several local chefs and restaurants, including The Greenhouse Tavern. No, it was oddly enough through my neighbor who is Fred’s oral surgeon. My neighbor knew he’d make a great Q&A for Cleveland Foodie and went on and on […]

q&a with ryan santos

I first met Ryan Santos at Danielle DeBoe’s Dinner with Strangers a few months back. He was responsible for the creatively delicious meal we all so thoroughly enjoyed. You can find him at Please, the catering company he started, or at the wonderful Tartine working alongside the talented chef Nolan Konkoski. 1. What are the […]

q&a with melt’s matt fish

East siders, get ready to loosen your pants. The Cleveland Heights Melt is officially set to open May 21. Is it too early to call dibs on a table? 1. What’s your favorite thing about Cleveland and what drives you nuts? There are so many things about Cleveland that I love.  Putting my finger on […]

q&a with michael annandona

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve caught on that I’m Italian. And because of this (well, really because of my 95-year-old Sicilian grandmother), I’m incredibly picky when it comes to dining out for Italian. I still mourn the closing of Battuto in Little Italy, but that wound began to heal when I […]

chef interviews

I’ve been neglectful. I got caught up in other stuff and haven’t been keeping up with the Chef Q&A’s. And for the ones I have completed over the past few years, the links were all messed up making it hard for people to learn a bit more about their favorite chefs. I know these interviews […]