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food & wine celebration to benefit veggie u – how to support & how to win

We are a fortunate bunch. It seems that just about every day there’s some amazing food-focused event happening, from pop-up restaurants, to charity dinners to festivals. Everyone pitching in equally to help – chefs and diners alike. Especially in the summer, there’s no shortage of things to attend. And they are all worthy of our […]

Do Good. Eat Good. Live Healthy

There is something that many of us take for granted each day. Food. The majority of us have the good fortune to dine out, shop our local grocers and markets, and even grow our own plethora of goods. We read about food. We value and appreciate food. We know the importance of eating right (most […]

enjoy dinner with a chef and support a good cause

Check out this line up. Pretty impressive, don’t you agree? Now how would you like to spend an evening with one of these talented chefs where they will prepare for you a small feast table-side specifically for you and a handful of fellow diners? And with each wonderful bite, you’ll feel extra satisfied because you […]