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steppin’ out with my baby

Though it feels like a lifetime ago now, I use to work as a bartender and server at the old Club Isabella. Though short-lived, it was a fun gig. You couldn’t beat all that jazz. Well, the live jazz is now (sadly) gone as is the restaurant itself. Well, sorta. The physical location that I […]

a perfect saturday: brunch & market

A common ritual for us, at least last year, was brunch at Vine & Bean followed by a trip to the Shaker Square farmers’ market. We got a little crazy recently  and mixed it up – we went to Fire for pre-market brunch. I’m a fan of Fire for dinner and really like chef Doug […]

a revealing dinner at dante

Some people have the gift of patience. Admittedly, I am not one of them. I find it difficult to even wait to give people their birthday or Christmas presents! So the notion of waiting throughout the entire duration of a pregnancy to find out the sex is simply baffling to me. So just like our […]