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food & wine celebration to benefit veggie u – how to support & how to win

We are a fortunate bunch. It seems that just about every day there’s some amazing food-focused event happening, from pop-up restaurants, to charity dinners to festivals. Everyone pitching in equally to help – chefs and diners alike. Especially in the summer, there’s no shortage of things to attend. And they are all worthy of our […]

q&a with farmer lee jones (part 1)

Farmer Lee Jones has a lot to say. And I can certainly appreciate anyone who has the gift of gab. I asked him a handful of questions and I got a whole lot in return. It’s all good stuff and therefore don’t want to cut anything, so I’m going to share this latest Q&A as […]

the culinary vegetable institute

Thanks to farmer Lee Jones and his wife, Mary, we had the opportunity last weekend to attend one of the dinners at the Culinary Vegetable Institute (CVI). It was the Trinchero Family Estates wine dinner. I was somewhat familiar with CVI and The Chef’s Garden, both from local chefs and various articles I’ve read, but have never been. […]