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coming soon: sum place

If you’re looking for someone to thank for the cheap, mobile foodie goodness that is Dim and Den Sum, the credit in many ways goes to Chris Hodgson’s ex-fiancé and now girlfriend. “When she broke up with me, I had this crazy, borderline insane drive and didn’t stop,” Hodgson explains. “That experience catapulted me into […]

q&a with grill ’em all (plus dim and den sum news)

I almost didn’t do this interview. My first thought was not to promote those that leave Cleveland. I generally like to call out those that choose to keep their talents here and all the good happening within our city. Then I realized I was being silly. There are great people from Cleveland doing great things […]

dim and den sum review

I don’t know what I liked better – the food or the fact that Dim and Den Sum came to my office complex, twice. Ok, it’s the food of course. I’d happily track this truck down, but the convenience sure was nice. I’m a fan of mobile food carts, and the fact that we now […]

can’t wait to get me some dim and den sum

Many of you have probably already heard about Dim and Den Sum, the street cart food vendor that’s been making Clevelanders downright giddy (and if the food proves to be as good as promised, will no doubt be in hot pursuit of the  truck in droves around town). Dim and Dem Sum, which is the […]