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coming soon: el carnicero

A little late to the party, but as they say… better late than never! Congrats to one of my favorites chefs, Eric Williams, who announced the opening of his second restaurant: El Carnicero. Momocho is easily one of my favorites in town. So of course this news has me grinning ear to ear. El Carnicero […]

the underdog

What a clever little name. Happy Dog just got a whole lot happier. In the basement of everyone’s favorite neighborhood bar and hot dog destination is a new hangout, The Underdog, a 40-seat bar and game room. The Underdog will feature a full bar, three classic pinball games, shuffle board, 48 classic arcade games plus […]

changes coming to stone mad

I’ve never been to Stone Mad (with the exception of a super quick drink post last year’s TedXCLE, but that really doesn’t count given the crowd and amount of time I was actually there). Since they have opened, I have consistently heard the same two thoughts: Great space, food and service needs much improvement. And […]

family dinner at momocho

Happy New Year! Speaking of family-friendly places, we had the perfect family dinner last week at Momocho. The last time my daughter was at Momocho, she was just a few months old. We have been there countless times since with friends and family and figured Natalie waited long enough and was time to make her […]

tequila dinners back at momocho

Tequila! The word alone conjures up fun and smiles (and a few fuzzy memories). You may recall that a few years ago Momocho, aka my favorite modern Mexican restaurant hands-down, offered these amazing tequila dinners featuring wonderfully creative dishes. And now, they are finally back! According to chef/owner Eric Williams, the tequila dinners will be […]

friday night in the cle

The weekend in winding down and it was a good one. If the past two weekends are any indication of what kind of summer this is going to be, let’s just say we’re off to a very good start. Friday night we did two of my favorite things: shopped and ate at Momocho. Between Room […]

cinco de mayo recipes from eric williams

Cinco de Mayo on the brain? Or are you like me and crave/cook/eat Mexican constantly? In continuing with our ‘cook like local chefs’ series sponsored by Heinen’s, Eric Williams, chef/owner of Momocho (the absolute best modern Mexican around – seriously) shares an easy dish for what I’m sure is one of his favorite holidays. And […]

happy dog

Did you ever feel like you’re the last person to know about/discover something? That’s exactly how I felt when I wrote last month about Eric Williams and his new involvement with Happy Dog. Of course I’ve heard of the place, but had never been. I received a ton of e-mails regarding that post as well […]

restaurant news // eric williams

Eric Williams, chef/owner at Momocho, is a fairly happy guy. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s got the most amazing modern Mexican restaurant in town (and my personal favorite of anywhere) and  is about to really experience just what it means to be busy once Guy’s show, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, airs exposing Momocho to […]