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flip side in hudson

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Personally, I’m not a big meat eater. But I do love burgers. Lamb burgers. Salmon burgers. Traditional beef burgers. Even veggie burgers (though only the portabella kind). Though I must admit – one of my favorite burgers can be found at Five Guys. The only food chain I happily […]

one red door

Friday night was girls’ night out with a few very lovely ladies at One Red Door in Hudson. This was my second trip to the fairly new restaurant from chef Shawn Monday, formerly with Downtown 140, just a few steps down from his current digs. Our first visit took place shortly after opening. We had […]

one red door

You have probably heard by now that the chef from Downtown 140, Shawn Monday, has left and moved up the street to open One Red Door in the former Vue space. I was excited about this move and went a few weeks ago on behalf on Metromix to check it out. I have been to […]