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steppin’ out with my baby

Though it feels like a lifetime ago now, I use to work as a bartender and server at the old Club Isabella. Though short-lived, it was a fun gig. You couldn’t beat all that jazz. Well, the live jazz is now (sadly) gone as is the restaurant itself. Well, sorta. The physical location that I […]

welcome back outdoor dining. you’ve been missed.

Aside from the cheese, my favorite thing about the old Baricelli Inn is it’s patios. Actually, it was perhaps my favorite patio in town as the outdoor dining settings are simply perfect. I’ve spent several summer nights sitting on that patio enjoying nothing more than the perfect atmosphere, a bottle of red, some crusty bread […]

big night

Just last week Jamie and I were talking to chef Sawyer about Big Night – a movie (and music) we all thoroughly enjoyed. We commented that the dinner we attended at Greenhouse reminded us of a scene out of this beloved movie. And now, we can do it all over again. On Thursday, April 28, […]

now open: washington place bistro and inn

Today is the grand opening of Washington Place Bistro & Inn. The restaurant that took over the remarkable space that once housed the long-standing Baricelli Inn in Little Italy. Last night was a media preview dinner for both bloggers and traditional media outlets. In the spirit of full disclosure (as always), I am doing some […]

a conversation with scott kuhn (washington place bistro & bar and the spillway)

We’re all thinking it. A non-Italian restaurant in Little Italy? Little Italy. Home of The Feast, cannoli’s and one Italian restaurant after another. Until mid November that is, when Washington Place Bistro & Inn will take over the space that once house the beloved Baricelli Inn. Well, I’ve been thinking it at least and that’s […]

one door closes and another opens

I read this morning in The Plain Dealer (er, cleveland.com) that Baricelli is closing next weekend after 25 years of service, countless celebrations, um-teen engagements and numerous summer evenings on that picture-perfect patio. It’s that patio that I’ll miss the most. I never cared for the decor inside the restaurant so therefore only found myself at Baricelli […]


I realize at some point I’m just going to have to get over this and learn to let go. But I just can’t. The fact is, I still miss Battuto. Not only was it my favorite restaurant in Little Italy, it was my favorite for Italian and a place Jamie and I frequented often. It […]

q&a with michael annandona

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve caught on that I’m Italian. And because of this (well, really because of my 95-year-old Sicilian grandmother), I’m incredibly picky when it comes to dining out for Italian. I still mourn the closing of Battuto in Little Italy, but that wound began to heal when I […]

shop local this holiday season (and maybe shop for free, too)

Inspired by the lovely Amelia, I’ve been trying to buy as many of my Christmas gifts within the 216 as I can this season. Now, I won’t be able to buy every last one locally, but a decent amount. It’s a good challenge. Not just now – but always. I go out of my way […]