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q&a with libby palmieri

Why is it that when you entertain, people always congregate in the kitchen? When we built our home, we purposefully went with a very open floor space so that when we do entertain, people could spread out. We even added a built-in bench in the kitchen for people to sit. Doesn’t matter. Regardless of how […]

just another week in the CLE

Most miserable city? I beg to differ. My week started by spending an evening with a bunch of really witty and engaging  Cleveland bloggers by way of a shopping spree at NEXT in Beachwood Place (I didn’t shop, sigh. Instead, I played the part of social media maven and organized this soiree. I sometimes do […]

clevelanders love their veggies (as in veggie u)

Like you, I believe in giving back. Whether it’s volunteering my time or the various organizations my husband and I  support, I think it’s important to help others because you never know when you could be the one that needs a helping hand. But I never put this blog to good use, and it’s been […]

out to lunch

I live fairly close to my office, so for lunch I typically run home or just eat at my desk. When I do go out for lunch, it’s usually a quick bite at The American Tavern or takeout from Pacific East (you can’t beat their lunch special / 2 rolls, soup & salad for $8.95). […]

michael symon: live to cook

April of last year we went to Sonoma and San Francisco for the week. Like every trip I take, I spend a fair amount of time researching where to eat. For this trip, I e-mailed Michael Symon to inquire about his favorite places since I remembered reading he just returned from the Bay area. He quickly […]

cruzan rum dinner at lola (plus fall drink recipes)

With the exception of a good mojito, I don’t care for rum. And always thought daiquiris were just too sweet for my liking, crazy colors and all. So when I received an invitation to attend the Cruzan rum dinner at Lola a few weeks ago, admittedly I was more excited about Lola than the host […]

q&a with derek clayton

I receive a lot of e-mail pertaining to the Q&A portion of the blog. This is clearly one of the most popular features and I love the feedback, chef suggestions (I’m trying to get to them all) and overall comments. I agree – it’s fun to get to know our chefs a bit better. And […]