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cook like michael herschman

Even though warm weather is upon us, we live in Cleveland and know better – there are still plenty of below average days left (like this weekend) until summer. And on those days, why not try this soup from chef Michael Herschman, who can now be found at the wonderful Menu6. This recipe makes a lot of […]

menu6 review

The first dinner we had out after a weekend of fantastically wonderful eats in Chicago was at Menu6. I’ve said it 1,000 times and say it in the masthead above: we may not have the quantity as other cities, but we most definitely have the quality – and then some. Our dinner  at Michael Herschman’s […]

preview: menu6

Michael Herschman is on the move. After a brief stint as GM at Melange, he’s back in the kitchen. And after a few conversations with him, it sounds like he’s ready to plant some roots. The former owner/chef of Mojo, a personal favorite of mine, is right around the corner from where he first started […]