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chew on this

Two of my favorite chefs – together, five days a week. My chef crush and of course, the man with the best laugh in C-town. Be sure to tune in or DVR The Chew, which premiers Monday at 1. This is actually my kind of program and one I’ve been eagerly anticipating. Cooking and food […]

playing the part of judge, take 2

I am one lucky girl. Now once, but twice in the past two weeks I was asked to judge a culinary competition. And each time I looked at my fellow judges and thought, and they want me, too? Really? On Sunday, I had the privilege of sitting next to Joe Crea, whom I have so […]

fab food show giveaway, culinary challenge + cavs players – oh my

The 5th annual Fabulous Food Show is next weekend. Are you going? If you’d like to and haven’t yet purchased tickets, be sure to use code CLEVEFOODIE to save $3 per ticket. Or, keep reading to see how you can win one of four pairs of tickets I’ll be giving away. This year’s show, held […]

symon on: west side openings, swenson’s, judging next iron chef & why he’s better at cooking than music trivia

Yesterday, a bunch of bloggers from across the country were selected to interview Michael Symon via phone. The process itself was quite fun and I was excited to be included, but also a little weird at the same time. I’d watch him on screen answer my questions, but there was a 5 second delay between […]

q&a with grill ’em all (plus dim and den sum news)

I almost didn’t do this interview. My first thought was not to promote those that leave Cleveland. I generally like to call out those that choose to keep their talents here and all the good happening within our city. Then I realized I was being silly. There are great people from Cleveland doing great things […]

watch michael symon’s pilot tonight and how to get invited over for dinner

Some quick Michael Symon news: one is free, the other could cost you roughly $5,000. Tonight at 10:30 p.m. on The Food Network, the pilot of Symon’s new show, Food Feud, will air (regular airings begin in October). According to Symon, this fun and playful show will showcase the best food feuds in the country […]

q&a with libby palmieri

Why is it that when you entertain, people always congregate in the kitchen? When we built our home, we purposefully went with a very open floor space so that when we do entertain, people could spread out. We even added a built-in bench in the kitchen for people to sit. Doesn’t matter. Regardless of how […]

q&a with kate krader, restaurant editor, food & wine

As we’re all aware (and tickled with pride), Cleveland is home to not one, but two Food & Wine Best New Chefs. Because of Cleveland’s strong culinary scene and our nationally recognized chefs, I tried for a press pass to this year’s Food & Wine Classic in Aspen to provide readers an inside view to […]

symon on letterman tonight

I’m forcing myself to stay up late tonight. Michael Symon is making his debut on David Letterman and will no doubt make Clevelanders everywhere proud. You can read more from Joe Crea here: http://www.cleveland.com/tv/index.ssf/2009/12/michael_symon_to_appear_on_let.html UPDATE: rescheduled per Symon’s FB page till Jan.

b spot

“Michael Symon is trying to kill me,” proclaimed Jamie in a recent Facebook status. He went onto explain ‘B Spot two days in a row for lunch, please don’t tell my cardiologist.’ B Spot may not be coveted by area heart docs, unless of course you find one that regularly encourages consuming beef, brats, beer, […]