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q&a with fred thaxton

I didn’t learn of Fred Thaxton of Thaxtons Garlic through the markets or his strong relationship with several local chefs and restaurants, including The Greenhouse Tavern. No, it was oddly enough through my neighbor who is Fred’s oral surgeon. My neighbor knew he’d make a great Q&A for Cleveland Foodie and went on and on […]

fresh fork market csa: one month in

Last year we began researching CSAs. We wanted to find one that was right for us and seek out what others thought of their experience. By the time we felt we had enough info, the season was almost over. But in that process, I became familiar with Fresh Fork Market, particularly Trevor Clatterbuck who started the […]

q&a with trevor clatterbuck

Last year I started to look into joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) and researched several options, but that was as far as I got. This year, I’m excited to say we joined Fresh Fork Market. And beginning in two weeks, a small bag of goodness awaits for me to pick-up every Friday in Beachwood. […]