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rocco’s new gospel

One month in to the New Year – are you still on track with your resolutions? I’m not. Mine, like many, was to get healthy and lose the rest of my baby weight. I’m not doing bad – but I’m certainly not there yet. I like to think I’m smart with what I eat – […]

the incredible shrinking chef

2012 is off to a very good start for the Whalen family. And last night, I felt like we were a part of that very proud, very loving family. If you have seen Rocco lately, then you know there’s now a lot less of him to love. That’s because he has made some serious life […]

cook like rocco whalen: two perfect sauces to accompany grilled satay

I love food prepared on the grill – but, I have a fear of the grill itself. Not sure why as nothing dramatic has ever happened. So instead, I’ll happily prepare anything to get it grill-worthy, then pass off to Jamie who is the designated  master griller for our household. Like many of you, we’ll […]

breakfast with santa

For the second year in a row, we went to Fahrenheit for Breakfast with Santa. I think I was more excited than my two-year-old for this outing. Granted, my overall experience with kids and Santa is rather limited. But I can’t imagine someone doing a better job than Rocco Whalen and the entire staff at […]

cook like rocco (lamb burgers)

Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of chef Rocco Whalen of Fahrenheit. With that personality of his and infectious passion for our city, how can you not be? And now I have two more reasons: his recipe for lamb burgers and some fun random bits of quirkiness he shares with us at the end of this […]

cook like rocco whalen

I simply adore Rocco Whalen. And it’s not because he’s a talented chef or that Fahrenheit is one of our favorites (had another fabulous dinner a few weeks ago with some lovely ladies, try the seared sea scallops and sinfully good Kobe beef sliders, which Rocco let us sample), but because his passion for his […]

breakfast with santa, plus how you can play santa

When I was a little girl, my parents would take me and my siblings downtown at Christmas to see Santa and Mr. Jingeling at Higbee’s followed by lunch at Silver Grille then a cookie from Hough Bakery. Each year would warrant us getting all dressed up and piling in the station wagon where I could barely […]

rocco whalen’s crab cakes

Let the season of over eating begin (we’ll all vow to work it off in January, right?). Here’s a super easy appetizer from Rocco Whalen, chef/owner Fahrenheit. Good to bring to a party or for your own holiday gathering. And speaking of Fahrenheit, they are hosting breakfast with Santa on Dec 13 (two seatings). We’re […]