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make this pie

I am not a baker. Aside from really good, whole wheat chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (yes, I’ll toot my own horn on this one  as they are quite tasty) and my grandma’s pizzelles, I don’t like baking. Mostly because I am not much of a sweet person (as I’ve shared once or a gazillion times, […]

q&a with farmer lee jones (part 2)

My apologies for the lengthy delay in the second half of the q&a with farmer Lee Jones. Just like he did in the first half of the interview, Lee truly shares a lot of insight with us, including the story behind his trademarked outfit (did you know he never weans anything else – ever, regardless […]

food & wine benefit for veggie u

I think my head has been in the clouds. How can I call myself a foodie and daily profess my love of food to you and yet not be fully aware of The Chef’s Garden and The Culinary Vegetable Institute? Sure, I’ve heard of this place near Sandusky and knew bits and pieces through various […]

8th annual food & wine celebration to benefit veggie u (plus your chance to go)

Remember February? I know, I know – the month of February is the last thing Clevelanders want to think about in summer. But I remember this past February well. And so do a bunch of local 4th graders along with their teachers. And I’m sure there’s that one lucky reader who is still grinning from ear […]

Do good. Eat good.

Note: This is a repost.  Since it’s for a good cause and we still have two weeks to go, it’s worthy of posting again. If you haven’t donated $5 and are able to, please do. Over $1,800 worth of gift cards available – you’ll eat free all year! –  and you’re supporting local kids. Thank […]

the culinary vegetable institute

Thanks to farmer Lee Jones and his wife, Mary, we had the opportunity last weekend to attend one of the dinners at the Culinary Vegetable Institute (CVI). It was the Trinchero Family Estates wine dinner. I was somewhat familiar with CVI and The Chef’s Garden, both from local chefs and various articles I’ve read, but have never been. […]