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the tavern vinegar co.

Spenser, a new online food magazine, did a nice piece on Jonathan Sawyer’s latest adventure: The Tavern Vinegar Co. I’ve tried – you should too. Truly. Check it out.

sawyer to battle on iron chef

Be sure to tune in or set your DVR to Iron Chef American on Jan 22 at 10 p.m. when chef Jonathon Sawyer battles chef Zakarian. Or better yet, head to The Greenhouse and watch in person with their first ever tweet up (or tweet from the comfort of your couch and follow along #teamsawyer).There […]

big night out

Two weeks ago I think a record was broken right here in Cleveland: fastest escape from a house, down the drive and up, up and away. My husband and I are the proud title holders. It was our first night out solo since Olivia and as soon as my sister showed up to watch the […]

noodlecat. noodlecat. noodlecat.

I’m so excited for this to open, I just can’t stop saying the name. If you’re active on Facebook, then you’ve likely seen people “liking” Noodlecat over the past few months. And this week, the proverbial cat was let out of the bag so to speak as to what this secretive restaurant is exactly and […]

sawyer and michaud made me dinner

Thank goodness for maternity pants. On Thursday, Jamie and I had dinner at The Greenhouse Tavern. But not just any dinner. A six-course, family style meal featuring two dishes at each course. One prepared by Sawyer; the other via chef Jeff Michaud of Osteria in Philadelphia. The two became friends after cooking up a frenzy […]

food & wine hearts jonathon sawyer (and so does cleveland)

A very big congratulations to Team Sawyer and The Greenhouse Tavern for receiving quite the spread in the February issue of Food & Wine which focuses on chef’s recipes made easy. “When Jonathon Sawyer opened the Greenhouse Tavern, he was pleased to see Cleveland’s foodies come out in droves. But that wasn’t enough. “I wanted […]

cook like jonathon sawyer: half roasted chicken in bread

Next up in our Cook Like series is a wildly popular one from chef Jonathon Sawyer of The Greenhouse Tavern – and one that I have been wanting to try for awhile. Half Roasted Chicken in Brioche Bread w/ fresh black truffle, petit wood ear mushrooms & natural jus 1 pc  Pastry dough, puff pastry […]

a night at the ritz, the day at the market (and someting for you, too)

Tourist in your own city. It’s a fun idea and we certainly try to explore new pieces and parts as often as we can. But overnight? Truthfully, I can’t say I’ve thought about spending a night in the city since we live fairly close to downtown. But after doing just that this past Friday night, […]

i heart wine dinners (as in abc wine at greenhouse)

“What kind of wine do you like to drink?” asked Jim Clendenen, named winemaker of the year in 1991 by Food & Wine and in 1992 by the Los Angeles Times for his Santa Barbara winery, Au Bon Climat. “Usually cabs – heavy, full-bodied, cabs,” I replied. “Oh. Then I’m afraid I’m not going to […]

food & wine benefit for veggie u

I think my head has been in the clouds. How can I call myself a foodie and daily profess my love of food to you and yet not be fully aware of The Chef’s Garden and The Culinary Vegetable Institute? Sure, I’ve heard of this place near Sandusky and knew bits and pieces through various […]