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happy with cheese, wine and bread

Ok, so I’m happiest with Jamie, Natalie and Olivia, but these three are a pretty close second. This combo has been my meal many a nights – intentionally. There’s nothing like sitting on our patio, opening a bottle of wine, and enjoying a nice cheese selection with crusty, warm bread over a great conversation. Or […]

clevelanders love their veggies (as in veggie u)

Like you, I believe in giving back. Whether it’s volunteering my time or the various organizations my husband and I  support, I think it’s important to help others because you never know when you could be the one that needs a helping hand. But I never put this blog to good use, and it’s been […]

q&a with kathi hays

One of the many things I love about this city is just how helpful people are and willing to share all sorts of information and useful advice. All you have to do is ask. Case in point is Western Reserve Wines. It’s one of the places I frequent for wine, and have been for the […]