cheese please

My favorite dessert is cheese. Forget chocolate after dinner. I can’t think of a better way to finish a meal (or start one!) then with a full-bodied glass of wine and a plate of stinky, rich, creamy cheese. And I’m not alone. A lot more restaurants in Cleveland are offering cheese as dessert and offer a separate cheese menu. Many places are getting their cheese from Baricelli. That’s right, Baricelli is not just for fine dining anymore and recently opened a cheese store to the public, which I visited in early spring. I was expecting a little shop dedicated to all the varieties from around the world with friendly staff knowledgeable in their aged goat, sheep and cow milk cheeses. I was picturing a wine cellar, but with cheese. Instead, I found a large walk-in cooler and one employee who didn’t know much (I was told I came at a bad time, though). The cooler was filled with lots of varieties and I quickly recognized all the different cheeses I’ve sampled at other places and had perma grin from the sights and smells. But it was all a bit intimidating and with the one lone employee watching me and Jamie waiting outside, I felt rushed and left empty handed. So for now, I’ll have to stick with the Baricelli selections found at Lolita, Marotta’s and North End Market in Hudson (they have the best selection of them all). And for my at home cheese fix, I’m happy with the selections at Miles Market, Heinen’s and Whole Foods.