taza is back in the rotation

I usually go home for lunch (every since we got a puppy, Stella). But I still end up going out once or twice a week. Usually it’s someplace close and fast, like American Tavern (local favorite in Solon), Sumo (super fast sushi across from Moxie), or Bravo in Eaton (I’m not a fan of this place b/c it’s a chain and b/c it’s just ok – but my husband loves it). I used to go to Taza all the time, but then got sick of it and took it off the rotation. Taza is Aladin’s big sister. Same type of food, but trying to be a bit more gourmet. You’ll find some of the same things on both menus, but just a few. They don’t feature the chicken chili, unfortunately, and you can’t get cheddar on your nine vegetable soup. The decor inside is really cozy and nice. It’s actually a good place to go when it’s cold and snowy out. Like Indian food, Lebanese seems to be a good choice for comfort food when it’s cold. A few weeks ago I started going back to Taza and again yesterday. What is bringing me back is the Cedars salad and Jebinah (I know this is spelled wrong, but it’s Lebanese cheese grilled with pistachios and served with olives and a pomegranate sauce – awesome). The salad is so simple. Lettuce, obviously, grape tomatoes, grilled pita with some special smoked flavor, Lebanese cheese and a garlic dressing, which I get on the side. The flavors work really well together and I am totally hooked. It’s small, but if you order the cheese as an appetizer, it’s a filling lunch. Plus, they start you off with piping hot pita and a sauce of olive oil, and 4 – 5 Lebanese spices. That alone can fill you up.


  1. Eric Huber
    Posted June 27, 2007 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    The spice they mix with olive oil is called Zaatar. You can get it at most spice shops and it’s excellent to use to “Lebanize” almost anything. Very good on Hummus too.

  2. michelle v
    Posted June 27, 2007 at 1:59 pm | Permalink

    Great – thanks for the info, I’ll have to pick some up.

  3. Anonymous
    Posted June 28, 2007 at 7:50 am | Permalink

    I thought the sushi place near Moxie is called Sumo, not Ginza