michael ruhlman @ viking next friday

Michael Ruhlman will be doing a demo and book signing at Viking next Friday (11/16) starting at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $69.99. He’ll also be doing a demo at Borders in Cleveland Heights the next day at 2 p.m. and signing copies of his new book, The Elements of Cooking: Translating the Chef’s Art for Every Kitchen.

If you have never taken a class at Viking, this might be a good opportunity to check it out. We have taken several there and each has been first-rate. It’s really worth the money, and how great would it be to take a class/demo with Ruhlman (read: chance to pick his brain on No Reservations and Next Iron Chef – or any of his books, experiences, etc.).

Here’s what he says about the book:

Some people are already buying this book, Serious Eats is giving it away, this book that’s intensely important to me—and I have scarcely written about it. It is time. I’m just beginning to promote it, and will be traveling for the next five weeks, schedule below. I intend to promote it heavily—I’m going to make Hillary and Barack look like slackers. I am seriously stumping for this and preaching the gospel of salvation through cooking. Seriously. Learning to cook can save your life, or at least change it in many excellent ways.

Here’s a quick review of the new book:

This indispensable compendium of cooking information for both professional and amateur cooks
constitutes a precise, unpretentious, unencumbered culinary handbook. Although the first part of the book—dealing with such basics as stocks, basic ingredients, essential tools, and key cookbooks—springs from Ruhlman’s career as a professional chef, the dedicated home cook will absorb a lot about which tools serve the cook best and which flavor elements produce the finest results. Ruhlman cogently makes a case for home cooks putting forth the effort to create vital and versatile veal, chicken, and fish stocks, which may be put into service in many ways. Ruhlman then proceeds to categorize his knowledge in a precise and concise glossary of cooking terms that makes good reading as well as meets the basic test of culinary competence. This is a very useful addition to cookery reference collections. — Mark Knoblauch

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  1. michael
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    it’s a week from friday! 11/16, then a signing the next day at borders in cle hts. thanks for posting michelle!